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Amazing Cover Letters on a Mac Computer

You can read/use the Amazing Cover Letter Creator online if you're using a MAC computer or just prefer using our products this way. Simply go to the member page below to find a list of all the products you purchased, as well as any bonuses that came with them. EMAIL ADDRESS

NOTE: Replace "YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS" with your actual email address you used at purchase. This download page was created just for you and will allow you to download all of the products you've purchased and any bonuses that come with them.

To use the Amazing Cover Letters online, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page above.

Make sure to bookmark this page for future use as well.

You'll notice that the other products and bonuses you CAN download since they are PDF files and compatible with MAC. IMPORTANT: Make sure you download everything to your "DESKTOP" ONLY. Do not save the files to "My Documents" or anywhere else. Save ONLY to your "DESKTOP." Make sure to delete any old files if you are re-downloading the products.

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